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WoF Gatcha Adopts - Halloween! by RayatheRayquaza WoF Gatcha Adopts - Halloween! :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 6 4 :G: Frost Flower by RayatheRayquaza :G: Frost Flower :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 11 3
Eyes and Lace - All Hallow's Eve CE
The wind tugged at my wings as I tucked them in close, the shadows looming dark overhead.
I had come to hunt down a night mystery, one that had woke me from my bed.
Into the forest I had crept, alone, no light by which to see.
The stories that were told hinted all to here, though nothing was seen by me.
Perhaps they’re not home, I whispered to self, leaves whipping me in the face.
Perhaps the tales are just for fun, not for the warning of eyes and lace.
These perhaps I did think to be the truth, and so I ventured further down
Down into their cave, a cave of renown, a cave I had worked hard and found
The dark reached in, smothered me tight, but still I refused to flee
Until I was bound, not by dark, but by red, red of the bloodiest degree
Then, one by one, golden eyes appeared, and I wondered whose they were
And I started to think it was all one big dream when its voice sounded, a purr
“What do we have here?” the eyes murmured soft, and smiled with bone bright teeth
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 3 2
:CE: Dragon Design by RayatheRayquaza :CE: Dragon Design :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 9 10 :AT: Imma Say All the Words Inside my Head by RayatheRayquaza :AT: Imma Say All the Words Inside my Head :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 10 0 :AT: It's a Love Story Baby, Just Say Yes by RayatheRayquaza :AT: It's a Love Story Baby, Just Say Yes :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 10 9
Olympus x Phoenix One-Shot
What...what happened?
I blinked, the room around me slowly coming into focus. “Hello?” I called out, my voice hoarse as if I had been screaming. I tried to get up, but shackles resisted my movement, chaining me to the ground.
A shadow appeared in the corner of my eye, and I swung my head, jerking the metal encircling my throat. I opened my mouth, but stopped once I saw who it was.
It really was her. She looked the same as the last time I had seen her, the day she had fled the kingdom. As she approached, I resisted the urge to flinch away. She must have seen the indecision in my eyes though, as she stopped in front of me a few feet away. “Olympus, it’s me.”
I exhaled a breath I hadn’t known I had been holding. “Phoenix, what…” I lifted my talons bound by the cold iron chains.
Phoenix started, touching her talons to them, and they fell away with a clank against the floor. She removed all of my bind
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 1 0
Shantisong (SHIIIP) by RayatheRayquaza Shantisong (SHIIIP) :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 15 7 Irukanji (ReefWing MYO) by RayatheRayquaza Irukanji (ReefWing MYO) :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 19 14
19 - The Ghost Crown - FlashWing Chronicles
--- Moonsong’s Perspective ---
“The SkyWings are the ones responsible for this.” I growled, my voice echoing as we sat in the shelter of an underground cave, the only place I knew no FlashWing would dare go.
The FlashWings say my mother is dead.
They say I’m dead too.
But the difference between me and my mother...
Is that I’m not what they say.
At least, not yet.
I am a ghost.
A ghost, with a stolen crown.
And I’m here to

End of Book 1
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 1 6
18 - The Ghost Crown - FlashWing Chronicles
--- Moonsong’s Perspective ---
I shook my mother’s shoulders, tears slipping free and splattering her cold body. Her heart had stilled, her eyes staring past me into the sky. “Mother, come back!” I sobbed, wings shaking as I knelt by her side.
How could this happen?
I replayed the moment her neck had snapped. Over. And over. And over.
How could I let this happen?
My father was standing behind me, cold fire raging in his eyes. “You caused this carnage. You are to blame, Moonsong, do you realize that?”
I gaped at him, but he held up a talon to stop the flood of words that threatened to break free of me.
“Moonsong, you were raised to be the heir to the FlashWing throne. But you have failed.”
He spoke louder, seeming oblivious to my objections.
“From now on, you are no longer a FlashWing. You shall never live among us
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 1 2
:GIFT: S-pi by RayatheRayquaza :GIFT: S-pi :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 7 2
17 - The Ghost Crown - FlashWing Chronicles
--- Shanti’s Perspective ---
No. No. NO.
“Crow, you don’t know what you’re doing!” I shouted, regaining my voice. He regarded me with scorn, and my last hopes crumbled.
“No, you don’t understand Shanti. I know exactly what I’m doing.”
Crow snapped his tail against the ground, the crown glowing as the clouds parted.
Queen Garnet spiraled down from the sky, landing directly in front of Queen Iridescent. Before the FlashWing queen could move, the SkyWing queen lunged, snapping Iridescent’s head back with a sick crack.
“Mother!” Moonsong’s voice triggered the screams of FlashWings as the sky turned dark from wings blotting out the sun. Red dragons began to rain down, bodies staining the once beautiful square. I rushed forward towards Moonsong, but Crow blocked my way. “How could you?” I shrieked, slashing my claws across his chest. He backed up, eyes wid
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 3 4
:AT: Whisper by RayatheRayquaza :AT: Whisper :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 13 5
16 - The Ghost Crown - FlashWing Chronicles
--- Moonsong’s Perspective ---
The guards weren’t much trouble. I ordered them to go, and they listened.
The halls blurred as I ran ahead, Shanti’s and Crow’s footsteps loud behind me. We burst out the doors into the sunlight, and immediately I knew.
My mother was going to be more of a problem.
I froze, squeezing my eyes shut. What would I see if I opened my eyes?
“Moonsong, you are ordered to freeze where you are. Do not attempt to move.”
Hesitantly, I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Queen Iridescent, anger radiating off of her. “You have abandoned your kind. Disobeyed an order. Endangered us all by bringing them here.”
“We have names, you know.” Crow piped up, and thousands of eyes focused on him. I took a step back when I saw who was behind my mother. The entire kingdom seemed to be watching us, gathered in the pavilion, on the roofs, perched everywhere and on everyt
:iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 1 4
Inktober and Goretober??? by RayatheRayquaza Inktober and Goretober??? :iconrayatherayquaza:RayatheRayquaza 5 0

Moonsong Chibi Pagedoll by Blizz-draws
Made by Blizz-draws


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"They said there wasn't enough room on the road for the universe. And I said, the universe is my road." - Steven Universe

"No matter how freaky you are on the inside, there is someone out there who just gets you." - Anna Akana

"The greatest danger facing us is ourselves, an irrational fear of the unknown. But there is no such thing as the unknown - only the temporarily hidden." - Captain James T Kirk



When I get to 150 watchers I'll do a FAQ / Q+A XD 
So...I kinda made a few random sketches of a chibi version of me and I really love them. Do you want me to post them?
Happy Friday the thirteenth :3 (this is so late but whatevs XD)
Hey! You there! Looking at this status! Go watch MoonriseTheMage !!!! She's an awesome friend, and you won't regret watching her! She also has a bunch of beautiful stories she's writing in addition to her awesome art, and she just finished one, "Return of the Forgotten" which you can find here :…

I highly recommend it and watching her <3 She's one of my favorite artists and best online friends ;P
Friendly Reminder : Remember, all members of your team will have to enter the actual contest! :D

Alright so I noticed a ton of people who want to join my contest but don't have partners!

Comment on this journal if you need/want a partner and I'll put you on the list!

You can use this journal to make teams, coordinate, etc.

Remember, you can have as many people as you want on a team, but it might become complicated after about...5?

I'll put what you can do next to your name and feature your comment. Just in the comments tell me what you're willing to do and I'll write it down on the list

Need A Team :

1. FurryKitsune - "I am traditional artist, unless you want digital abstract background. 😜 "

2. SapphireAppy - "
I want a team Wink/Razz I am mostly a digital artist, I have done it for around a year, I can do traditional too though if we didn't know each other in real life I think that might be hard to pull off (check out my stuff if you want an example)"

People Who Need to Confirm They Want A Team:

(I wasn't sure I'm just listing ppl who commented on my status)


The Contest :  100+ Watcher Contest!!!! (Mine XD)EDIT : You are allowed to team up with someone that doesn't have a deviantArt, say, your brother or your mom or another friend.
Please credit everyone on your team in the description, and only one person on each team has to upload their drawing for it to be entered into the contest (but if you'd like, then everyone can upload it on their account if they have one).
Please read all the way to the bottom it has some important info ;)
Oh my goodness everyone I've made it past 100!!! Ahhh I am so hyped you have no idea thank you so much to everyone!!! Love 
So this is the first real contest I've ever held and I want to make it awesome.
The theme for this contest is...
Collaboration / Together
But this isn't just drawing our OCs collaborating together on something. You're going to team up with someone and draw the picture TOGETHER. You'll have to collaborate with people on a drawing t

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